COURSE DURATION: 15 Days | 92 Hours

LEVEL TYPE: ODQ30 – Level 4

Course Content:

Makeup – Level IV

Minimum Qualification:

Class 10th passed and above
The applicant must be minimum AMU-OCQ15 trained

Career Opportunities:

There’s no dearth of high-growth, high-paying career opportunities for professional makeup artists as they are in high-demand at top-notch beauty salons, fashion houses, runways and film industry

Best Suited For:

Diploma in Pro-Makeup Artistry at Orane International is the right course for you whether you want to cater to beauty parlour clients like brides or fashionistas or you wish to be a makeup artist for photoshoots, fashion houses, apparel brands or famous fashion designers

Course Details:

  • Do you know who is the real star that makes superstars and supermodels shine through?
  • It is indeed the makeup artist that can brighten up a dull face, add fantasy to a regular face, and can attract compliments from all corners for his/her clients
  • If the backstage world of makeup and fashion is your calling or you are a makeup artist who wants to take his career one notch up, then an Advanced Diploma in Pro-Makeup Artistry at Orane International is what you need to realise your dream
  • The demand for professional makeup artists is constantly high in urban areas as well as suburbs as men and women are highly conscious of the way they look
  • On the other hand, opportunities are plenty for professional makeup artists in the film industry and fashion runways
Things You Will Learn!
  • The one-month course of Diploma in Pro-Makeup Artistry begins with the theory of makeup in which you will learn about various makeup tools, cosmetic products, colour wheel and how light effects impact makeup
  • You’ll gain expertise in creating a flawless base by using concealer, neutralizer, and buffing and polishing
  • By the end of this fabulous professional makeup course, you’ll master the art of face sculpting as the Diploma in Pro-Makeup Artistry covers the following things –
    • Face structure/face shapes
    • Contouring
    • Eye shapes
    • Contouring with eye shadows
    • Nose shapes and nose contouring
    • Brow shaping according to face shape
    • Managing facial hair to create diva-like looks
  • You will learn more than 11 types of makeup looks including:
    • Glamour and Bollywood Makeup
    • Catwalk Makeup
    • Makeup for Black and White Photography
    • Retro Makeup
    • Fashion Editorial Makeup
    • Camouflage Makeup to cover Pigmentation/Blemishes, Scars, Vitiligo, Tattoo
    • Bridal Makeup Indian Traditional and Catholic Bride
    • Metallic Makeup
    • Yellow Makeup
    • Khaleeji Makeup (Silicon Base)
    • Airbrush Makeup

The Diploma in Pro-Makeup Artistry at Orane International requires your one-month of dedication to ace the skills that make you a professional makeup artist


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