COURSE DURATION: 1.5 Months | 88 Hours

LEVEL TYPE: OCQ39 – Basic (Levels I and II), Advance III, and Pro-Level-IV

Course Details:

Begin your creative journey in the world of hairstyling with our comprehensive Certificate in Hair Styling course at Orane International. Unlock the secrets of crafting stunning hairdos and gain the skills needed to excel in the realm of hair fashion. This hair stylist course takes students from beginner(Level-1) to pro (Level IV).

After completing this hair course, trainees can work as hair stylists in salons, as freelancers with Clint, at events, or even open their own hair styling salon.

Things You Will Learn in This Hair Styling Course

Basic Level- I and II
  1. Module 1: Thermal Styling Techniques
    • Master the art of using straightening irons for sleek looks.
    • Embrace the versatility of crimpers for unique textures.
    • Create captivating curls with curling tongs and hot rollers.
  2. Module 2: Blow Drying Mastery
    • Discover various blow-drying techniques for flawless finishes.
    • Explore the art of using wavers for dynamic hair patterns.
    • Achieve elegant styles with Velcro rollers.
  3. Module 3: Braiding Brilliance
    • Learn essential braiding techniques, from 2-strand to fishtail.
  4.  Nodule-4 Hair Buns
    • Craft traditional and modern bun styles.
    • Dive into the intricacies of French, Apple, and multiple roll buns.
    • Master chic options like the Runway Bun and Rose Bun.
(Level III)
  • Perfect hair preparation techniques.
  • Spray and product knowledge
  • Harness the power of bob-pins, invisible pins, and elastics.
  • Gain knowledge of hair sprays and various styling products.
  • Hair buns (volume holding technique, Use of stuffing, Side, trendy hair Bun )
  • Braiding techniques (Mermaid, Waterfall., Boho, Ladde Braids)
  • Open hairstyle and glam Holiday Styling
  • Pony Tails (Swnger Ponytails, classic Pony Tails)
Pro (Level- IV)

Practicals Include

  • Master the art of Cornrows and Ringlets.
  • Braiding techniques-(Box box braids, cornrows, Russian braids)
  • Dive into advanced bun styles like the Chic Bun and Tribal Bun.
  • Learn how to create captivating 3D Waves, Pasting Styling, Ringlet, Vintage styling, and Wet hair styling.
  • Craft elegant Chignons, Messy Buns, and Bohemia Buns.
  • Experiment with Top Knots, Space Buns, and more.
Career Options

  • Students who complete the Hairstyling Certificate program can pursue careers as skilled salon stylists who provide a variety of hair services to clients.
  • With a diverse skill set, these individuals can excel as freelancers, providing hairstyling expertise for special occasions such as weddings and fashion events.
  • Students with an entrepreneurial spirit can open and manage unique hair styling salons that cater to specific styles or preferences.
  • Those who are skilled in hairstyling techniques can advance to positions as educators, passing on their knowledge to aspiring beauty school students.
  • Creative mind Individuals passing this hair styling course can work as editorial or session stylists, collaborating with photographers and designers on editorial features, advertisements, and fashion presentations.

Feel free to reach out for more information about our hairstyling classes and training. Your journey to becoming a skilled hair stylist starts here.


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